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Full-size tennis court

PlayMaker D-I-Y Modular Tennis Court Surface

PlayMaker Courts introduces three new full-size tennis court packages made entirely of indoor/outdoor modular sports flooring tile.

That's right -- NO tennis court lines to paint or tape on to our do-it-yourself suspended surface 3/4" modular tile full size tennis court system. Put it together once; play on it for years, with next to no maintenance!

Our special line tiles snap right in between the standard 12" game court tiles making permanent, accurate boundary lines right in the suspended surface of the tennis court. The line tiles are constructed exactly the same as the standard court tile, including the unique three-point suspension geometry. Our suspended surface modular game court tile offers controlled "give" to ease stresses on bones and joints during spirited play. All you need for a new court is suitable subsurface. Or…

Do you have an older court, perhaps in need of repair? Maybe it’s time for a PlayMaker tennis court retrofit kit! Simply place new Playmaker tennis court tiles over your old asphalt or concrete tennis court, making it look and play like new, or maybe even better! A PlayMaker full size tennis court kit is quite economical and really easy to do yourself. 

You’re sure to enjoy greatly reduced maintenance, and more playing time as well. The PlayMaker tennis court surface sheds water nearly instantly, so play may resume shortly after a rainstorm.

Then upgrade your tennis court! Add new lighting, or multi-sport netting from our Equipment page. That's how to add a lot of life to an older court - and a lot less stress on players with the PlayMaker suspended surface tennis court kit.

PlayMaker Modular Surface Tennis Court Kits

These full size tennis court kits are each composed entirely of modular Playmaker suspended surface tiles - no lines to paint ever! (Actual play area is the same on all three courts).

If you need a smaller court or a court for multiple games, please see our Multi-Game Courts.

Stadium court style has extra room, measures 132' x 66'.
Was: $24,000
NOW $20,000

USTA Recommended minimum court is 120' x 60'.
Was: $21,000
NOW: $18,000

ITF Recommended minimum court measures 114' x 56'.
Was: $19,152
NOW: $16,800

Prices in USD effective February 15, 2018, do not include shipping and handling (unless noted otherwise) or applicable taxes, and are subject to change without notice. All purchases are final unless otherwise specified. In the case of a return, PlayMaker is not responsible for additional freight charges.

Detail of inlaid line tile

Tile-based court markings for reduced maintenance