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A patio with red main area tile and green tile border

Introducing PatioPizzazz!

Add new life and color to your worn, old patio or deck with Playmaker's all new PatioPizzazz! Cool, comfortable, colorful "skins" for your patio, porch, deck or dock. PlayMaker has brought the expertise gained in the sports world (and its unmatched Premier Tile) to the D-I-Y home improvement market.

With Patio-Pizzazz! you get a surface that is easy on your eyes and on your feet. The tiles are 12 inches square, and come in 10 standard colors. They are easy to fit together and install. No glue is required or desired. There are even edge ramps to provide for easy rolling transitions from one surface to another.

The patterns and styles you can install are limited only by your imagination. Alternating lines, checkerboard, borders or highlight squares, it's all up to you. Below are just a few starter ideas of the ways to make your own unique Patio-Pizzazz! creation...

PatioPizzazz examples shown: Border, Snake, Checkered and Rainbow

Patio-Pizzazz! is tough and durable as well as attractive. It is impervious to mold and damp, and can handle the sun as well. This a tile that was originally designed to withstand the pounding of court-based sports, so it will easily handle any foot traffic you can throw at it.

It's easy to design your own patio or deck Patio-Pizzazz! covering. Just take the dimensions of the area down (length and width), and compute the square footage of the area (L×W). If your area dimensions are not on the exact foot, we recommend rounding up to the next full foot. Patio-Pizzazz! tiles can be trimmed with a small fine tooth saw for an easy exact fit. That will give you the total number of full size tiles you will want.

Decide where you might want to add transition ramps (they are 12"×2") and determine how many you might need. They come in all of the same colors the tiles do, so you have an opportunity to create an accent color if you desire. Then let your imagination take over!

Once you have your masterpiece in mind, determine how many of which colors and sizes (12-inch tiles or ramp tiles) you will need and place your order. We always recommend ordering a few extra of each color in your design just in case. Once your tile arrives, just snap them into place. Small adjustments in positioning the first few tiles make the rest of the job a "snap." It really is that easy.

So what are you waiting for? Design your patio or deck today and order your tile. In a few short days you will have an exciting new accent area in your home. It will be a beautiful addition that will express your own unique style and taste.

Refresh your porch with PatioPizzazz!

Renew your porch with PatioPizzazz!

PatioPizzazz is equally "at home" indoors or out!