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Tennis net that can be raised for volleyball or badminton

PlayMaker Gamecourt Net Systems

PlayMaker offers several easy-to-add game court net systems to enhance the playability of any of our do-it-yourself game court kits. Net systems are available in standard and custom sizes, to fit your court. Our adjustable net system is a customer favorite!

PlayMaker Multi-Sport Net Adjustment Kit

A PlayMaker Multi-Sport Net Adjustment Kit is a perfect add-on for those who wish to play a variety of net-based sports. Place it low to play tennis or paddleball, or raise it to play badminton or volleyball. Best of all, the Net Adjustment Kit (NAS-K) is designed to accommodate your court layout. It requires two support structures and will attach to almost any PlayMaker pole-based accessory such as a basketball goal or light pole.

 Model Description Price
 NAS-K Net Adjustment Kit $265
 MSNP-K Multi-Sport Net Pole and Support Post $240


PlayMaker Multi-Sport Nets

PlayMaker Multi-Sport Nets are available in a variety of sizes for standard or multi-sport net systems. Don't see the right size for your application? Custom nets are also available, contact us now for a fast custom size net quote.

 Model Dimensions Price
 MSN-22' 22' net w/10' ext cable $150
 MSN-24' 6" 24' 6" net w/10' ext cable $160
 MSN-30' 6" 30' 6" net w/10' ext cable $170
 MSN-42' 6" 42' 6" net w. 10' ext cable $240
 MSN-Custom Tailored to fit your court Call


*Prices are in USD and are effective February 15, 2018. Prices do not include shipping and handling (unless otherwise noted) or applicable taxes. Subject to change without notice. All purchases are final unless otherwise specified. In the case of a return, PlayMaker is not responsible for additional freight charges.