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D-I-Y Multiple Use Game Courts

Paddle Tennis?
Four Square?
Can't decide?

Do it all, even more!

A PlayMaker Multi-Sport DIY Court-In-A-Box Kit allows several games on just one backyard court setup. Here's some court kit starter ideas for your own backyard do-it-yourself multiple game court. Of course, you can design your court to fit your game preferences, budget and available space. We'll be glad to assist!

Half Court Hoops + Paddle Tennis Court

This multi-game court measures 70' x 30' and features one 12' × 15' basketball free throw lane. $6,300
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Full Court Hoops + Full Paddle Tennis Court

Get the best combination with full basketball court and full paddle tennis court. This court kit measures 80' × 40' and has two 12' × 15' basketball free throw lanes. $9,600
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Full Tennis Court with Basketball

THis full size tennis court kit measures 120' × 60' and has enough room for four basketball free throw lanes; have two basketball games going on simultaneously! $21,000
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Prices effective February 15, 2018, do not include shipping and handling (unless noted otherwise) or applicable taxes, and are subject to change without notice. All purchases are final unless otherwise specified. In the case of a return, PlayMaker is not responsible for additional freight charges. Courts shown with markings for reference only. We can add pre-painted court lines; please call for quote.

Play several different games on a PlayMaker multi-game court