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The Best Suspended Court Tiles - Direct

PlayMaker's own high performance game court tile design features unique suspension geometry for exceptional feel and game performance. Our game court tiles are ready to ship in ten standard colors. Custom color court tiles are available by request. And be sure to add our Accessory court tiles for that final finishing touch that helps makes your game court installation stand out.

Our Premier Game Court Tile

It's the best 3/4" court tile - recommended for tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, or multi-use game courts outdoors or indoors. You will love the feel of the unique 3-point suspension system and the way it eases stress on bones and joints while still providing firm footing. Our 12" game court tile is easy to install. The 3/4" height also helps prevents "birdbath" splash after rain and the surface design quickly sheds water. PlayMaker Premier Tile - it's the perfect tile for new courts or retrofits!

The Accessory Court Tiles

Our Accessory Tiles give your game court that professional finished look. 1¾" wide white Line Tile is the best way to add permanent gaming lines and boundaries to your game court. The matching color 2" Ramp Tile adds that nice finishing touch to the court's perimeter, plus it makes your PlayMaker game court wheelchair accessible.

The Specifications

Description: Unique 3-point suspension system design providing an orthopedic, shock absorbing, non-slip game court flooring system. 30-day standard materials/workmanship warranty. 10-year limited warranty available for extra per-tile charge. Please contact us for details.
Premier Tile: 12" × 12" × 0.75" (304.8mm × 304.8 mm × 19.05mm)
Ramp Tile: 2" × 12" × 0.75" (50.8mm × 304.8 mm × 19.05mm)
Line Tile: 1.75" × 12" × 0.75" (44.45mm × 304.8 mm × 19.05mm)
Premier Tile: 10.93 ounces (310 grams)
Ramp Tile: 2.15 ounces (61 grams)
Line Tile: 1.87 ounces (53 grams)
Material: High density polypropylene co-polymer

PlayMakerCourts 10 Standard Tile Colors:

Burgundy, Rust Red, Bright Red, Yellow, Teal, Medium Green, Dark Green, Blue, Light Gray, Graphite

10 standard colors include Burgundy, Rust Red, Bright Red, Yellow, Teal, Medium Green, Dark Green, Blue, Light Gray, Graphite