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Frequently Asked Questions about PlayMaker suspended surface modular sports flooring tiles

Common Questions and Answers

Q. Why shouldn't I just put down an asphalt or concrete court?

A. There are a number of good reasons:

1. Play characteristics. PlayMaker game court tiles create a consistent playing surface with solid rebound characteristics, great traction, and exact play area definition.

2. Health. PlayMaker tiles provide a suspended court surface for superior protection from the trauma joints, bones and ligaments get from running and jumping on bare concrete or asphalt surfaces. In addition, PlayMaker tiles also have horizontal "give" to help relieve torque exerted on joints through sudden stops and sharp turns during spirited play.

3. Cost. Playmaker tiles are, initially, more expensive than a plain concrete or asphalt surface alone. Yet over time the tiles will more than pay for themselves, dramatically reducing maintenance costs an unimproved asphalt or concrete court surface requires. Does your current court do that?

Q. Are PlayMaker Court tiles hard to assemble?

A. Absolutely not! Each 12" Playmaker tile has loops on two edges and interlocking hooks on the other two edges. The tiles literally "snap" together. It's so easy you can get your kids to build your game court for you! (Suitable substrate required, of course)

Q. Do I need any special tools?

A. No. Ordinary, everyday tools found in most homeowners' garages or toolboxes will suffice.

Q. How do the tiles respond to rain or other wetness?

A. PlayMaker tiles are designed to shed water, and their textured surface and polypropylene construction provide superior traction in wet conditions. Playmaker tiles sit 3/4 of an inch off the subsurface, and thus avoid any puddles caused by water accumulation on uneven surfaces - like your old court, perhaps? The height of the tile also helps eliminate "birdbath" backsplash from the subsurface, so gaming activities may resume almost immediately after a rainstorm.

Q. Do the tiles get dirty?

A. No more than any other surface, and they are quite easy to clean. The durable polypropylene surface sheds dirt and resists stains. Also, individual tiles can be easily picked up for more thorough cleaning with a mild detergent solution and a sponge or old toothbrush or they can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Q. There was an accident that damaged some tiles, now what?

A. Even though PlayMaker Court tiles are very tough, accidents do happen. All you have to do is "un-snap" only the damaged tiles and replace them with new ones.

Q. Can PatioPizzazz tiles be used indoors?

A. Of course! PatioPizzazz looks and feels great indoors or out. Not only is it perfect for patios, porches, decks or docks, but also works well in laundry rooms, large shower areas, and utility closets too. In short, you can use PatioPizzazz just about anywhere!

Q. Is PatioPizzazz expensive?

A. No, Patio-Pizzazz is an attractive and economical alternative for a classic and beautiful outdoor or indoor surface, that you designed yourself! PatioPizzazz is the only surfacing product we know of that lets you create your own personal design -- 12 square inches at a time!

Q. How long does delivery take?

A. Playmaker usually ships in-stock standard color tiles in 1-2 business days, therefore delivery is usually within 7 business days of ordering. If you need your tiles faster, arrangements can be made at additional cost.

Yes! We can pre-paint lines on your court!

Masking tape ready for court lines pre-paint

For a small extra charge we can pre-paint lines, arcs and even graphics like team logos on your court tiles. You get simple, easy-to-follow instructions so your court goes down correctly and everything "lines up." Call for a quote today!