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PlayMaker Outdoor Gamecourt Court Lighting Systems

PlayMaker Outdoor Court Lighting Systems deliver bright, even light onto your outdoor basketball court or tennis court and extend play time into the evening hours. Each pole can have up to three weather-tight 1500w quartz halogen lamp fixtures. Depending on the size of your court, we recommend two (or more) poles, each with a multi-lamp system, to reduce shadows on the court area.

PlayMaker court lighting systems are simple and easy to install since they share the same universal anchor hardware used on our rugged basketball hoops. That means our sports lighting systems are extremely sturdy, and you can take them with you if you move.

Our light poles are 18-ft. high. The base is hinged to lower the light pole for easy bulb replacement. An economy pole without the hinged base is also available.

Replacement bulbs are available from PlayMaker or at major building supply or electric shops; each typically lasts for about 3,000 hours of use.

PlayMaker Hinged-Base Lighting SystemPrice
 Light System with 1 1500w fixture $1100
 Light System with 2 1500w fixtures $1200
 Light System with 3 1500w fixtures $1300
 Replacement Bulb $15


PlayMaker Economy Lighting System Price
 Light System with 1 1500w fixture $975
 Light System with 2 1500w fixtures $1075
 Light System with 3 1500w fixtures $1175


Prices are in USD and are effective February 15, 2018. Prices do not include shipping and handling (unless otherwise noted) or applicable taxes. Subject to change without notice. All purchases are final unless otherwise specified. In the case of a return, PlayMaker is not responsible for additional freight charges.